Telefonica ADSL Upgrade (4)

Finally! Telefonica have completed the long overdue Adsl upgrade on our telephone line. I asked to get put onto the 3 Mbps service, and after the upgrade I am now syncing at around 2.1 Mbps. Not too bad considering; my line attenuation is about 52dB now on ADSL2+, which seems to have got better. However, my noise margin is the limiting factor here: only 5.5 dB, so effectively my line won’t go any faster unless the margin improves away from the 6 dB target.

If you are looking to upgrade your telefonica ADSL in Spain, without speaking to anyone in spanish, then see my previous posts on the subject…. I explain how I managed to do it by email.

Apple iPhone Bumper

My free iPhone bumper arrived last week – Finally! I ordered it near the end of August, so it’s taken a good month to arrive…
The bumper itself is pretty good. It’s well made and pretty sturdy (as you’d expect from any apple product hopefully!). It does also protect the back of the iPhone, as the rubber bit slightly raises it off the desk when you put it down to prevent scratches to the back.