Guernsey Broadband Pro – I have it!

Finally! I now have internet that could be considered ‘high speed’. Guernsey’s Broadband Pro 20Mbps product is the fastest speed that they offer to normal consumers. Priced at a rather hefty £49.99 per month, it offers both faster download and upload speeds, as well as a lower 20/1 contention ratio.

So, how is it? Well, my router is now synced up to the full 20 down/ 1 up, but that actual test speeds are less than I would expect. It is still very fast compared to the old 8 Mbps service, but not that close to the advertised speed. In fact, the download speed is only 75% of the 20Mbps (on average).

I was expecting, with the lower contention ratio, that the actual speed would be a lot closer to the advertised speed, especially if the router is synced up at the full speed. Why do Cable & Wireless still screw customers over, even if they are paying £50 a month for a service which costs much less than this in the UK.

Oh well, it’s an improvement none the less. Might have to move to those homes where Wave Telecom are offering 1 Gbps!!