Peak evening period – Speed Test

Just another quick speed test – at 7:30pm on a Friday evening.

Very impressive – this is pretty much the maximum throughput available on a line synced at 100Mbps.

2 thoughts on “Peak evening period – Speed Test

  1. I’d much appreciate your help on this- Saw your post on Windows 10 Intel RST technology. I have a z68 Gigabyte MOBO (GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3) with Core i5- 2500K processor from 2012.

    Ater a lot of head-butting in online forums and Gigabyte Tech support- just managed to do a fresh install of Win 8.1 (from clean Win 7 ) and also got Intel RST working with 60GB SSD and 300GB HDD with good speeds. I’d like to go to Win 10 pro – could you suggest the right steps? Its a clean install so I dont mind screwing up as long as there’s a way to go to Win 10 again from Win 7 pro and Intel RST. thanks a bunch

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