Slingbox died? – It’s probably the power supply

I returned from my holiday a few weeks ago and noticed that my Slingbox Solo was no longer connecting to the network.

The power light was lit, but the network light was blinking with a dim light every 5 seconds or so.

It turns out that my power supply had died. Luckily the box is still under the 2 year warranty (Thanks for the EU – Only 1 year in the US!). So I called Sling support and they agreed to send out a free replacement.

A week went by and still no replacement power adapter. I called again and asked them to chase the order. And unsurprisingly 2 days later the power supply arrived.

But this wasn’t the end. It turns out the replacement adapter was ALSO dead!! Sling Media obviously haven’t heard of something called ‘Quality Control’ – you know, where they test it to make sure it works before giving it to the consumer…

Another phone call later, and they agreed to send me out another adapter… We’re still waiting for that one.

UPDATE: the new supply arrived, and all works fine. I wonder how long this one will last?!