Guernsey – 16Mb Upgrade

So Sure have yet again provided their home broadband customers with another free upgrade, this time to 16 Mbps. I must admit, that this is rather impressive with less than a year since the last upgrade. And all of this for the same price as previously.

16Mb is pretty quick, though not really considered ‘super-fast’, it certainly is fast enough for pretty much any application, such as HD streaming and multiple downloading.

However, for those users on the Broadband Pro product, I’d imagine that we’d be feeling a bit hard done by. Why? Because we are paying twice the price (£49.99) for only 4 Mbps more speed and a lower contention ratio. I think that now the ‘home’ product is 16, that the Pro product should be bumped to the full 24 Mbps and upload speeds increased substantially to 2 or 2.5 Mbps. This way people could justify spending double.

Another thing that interests me, is that two 16Mb lines, giving a total theoretical throughput of 32 Mbps (if bonded or ‘merged’ by a local router) is practically the same price as the Pro product that delivers only 20 Mbps.

So come on Sure, lower the prices on the Pro product, or increase the speeds. It’s not really a very good deal considering it’s twice the cost but not twice the experience.