Telefonica ADSL Upgrade (2)

In my last post I talked about how I was trying to increase the speed of my ADSL here in Mallorca.
Unfortunately I got an email from Telefonica saying the 10 Mbps speed upgrade wasn’t available in my area (unsurprising really, though it was either that or no upgrade at all, according to their website,

Instead of calling their customer service (which is pretty much all in Spanish), I decided to email them. I used an online text translator (Actually Google Translate), then copied and pasted the translated text asking to upgrade into their Online “Contact Us” form.
It turns out, after only a brief email exchange with some Spanish customer services person, that I could get 3 Mbps in my area for LESS money than my current 1 Mbps service,
So just this morning, it appeared on my control panel that an upgrade was in progress.
Also, according to their website, it says I am being moved to their ADSL2+ service as well…. Not sure if this will benefit me or not as my line attenuation is around 60dB.

It hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully should happen fairly soon.

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