Telefonica ADSL Upgrade (3)

I hear about people having Telefonica woes all the time. And I fear that I may be becoming one of those people!

It has been 11 days since my ADSL upgrade appeared on their website. And still absolutely nothing has happened. The customer services person said the whole thing should take 10 days. But on my order status page, it simply shows that my order is ‘in progress’. Well, it’s been like that ever since I ordered it by e-mail.

What is more infuriating, is that they won’t do the upgrade until they have sent me out a new ADSL router. However, I already own an ADSL2+ capable router, so it’s pointless that I have to rely on their postal system. I even emailed them to just do the upgrade (how hard can pressing a few buttons on a keyboard in Madrid be?), but they won’t do it for some reason.

It’s becoming more annoying by the day. I keep checking their website, but still nothing happens and no router arrives in the post…

One thought on “Telefonica ADSL Upgrade (3)

  1. OK. According to the website, the order has progressed onto ‘installation’. I am not in spain anymore (only holidays), so am not sure if the router has been delivered by post yet. But the upgrade hasn’t actually happened yet – I’m still synced at the old 1 meg speed…

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