C&W Guernsey plans to upgrade internet

It may be long overdue, but finally Cable & Wireless (I mean, Sure) have decided to upgrade all standard users on the 2Mbit connection to 4 Mbits this May. Although many in the UK have access to 50Mbit cable, in Guernsey, we are stuck in a time warp in terms of internet.

Yes, many people say it is more expensive on an island, etc etc, but Jersey has much faster speeds compared to Guernsey, so I still don’t see why it has taken so long. But at least it’s now on its way…

Another exciting prospect is that of ADSL2+. While it is unlikely that C&W will launch a service offering 24 Mbits like Sky broadband in the UK, it opens up the door for faster services in the future (the current ADSL only supports a theoretical maximum of 8 Mbits)

Of course, we will have to wait until C&W announce new pricing (if any) until anyone can draw firm conclusions.

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