Guernsey Internet 8Mbits – Now live

Finally Sure have upgraded all of Guernsey’s internet users to a universal 8Mbit service.

This brings Guernsey in line with more reasonable pricing that many users in the UK get. For example, BT Broadband offers unlimited data for £25.60 per month on their Option 3 tarriff (the majority of it’s users can only get an ‘up-to’ 8Mbit service: their 20Mbit network only covers a small amount of the country).

Also, upload speeds have been increased to 512kbps, a much more reasonable upload speed that will make sending large emails and uploading photos a lot quicker.

The full details are available on Sure’s Website, where pricing has remained the same for all options.

The Broadband Pro service also gets a major upgrade, with a speed jump to 20Mbits. I still think that £49.99 a month is much too expensive. Sure should offer 2 consumer broadband speeds, such as 8Mbit and 16Mbits, but with the ‘consumer’ 40/1 contention, rather than the Pro’s 20/1 (which naturally would be more expensive anyway).

If you think that in the past few years we have had the speed increased from 1, then to 2, then to 4, now to 8, that C&W are actually doing more than they need to – they didn’t have to give everyone a free upgrade when you’re still paying the same price, but they did. So thank you Sure.

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